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    Website Company in Stowmarket, Suffolk, UK.

    Welcome to MonkeyBunny Websites

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    Website Company in Stowmarket, Suffolk, UK.

    Welcome to MonkeyBunny Websites



Aimed at small businesses with little to no tech experience, looking for a professional website, and purchase services with a smaller budget.

Building your own company website can be daunting. Focus your time on building your business, without having to spend time with tech stuff you don't necessarily understand, or want to.

MonkeyBunny was set up for the less tech savvy amongst us; for those with big ideas and smaller budgets. Speak to us about your requirements, your business, and what is important to you in your online web presence. Let us do the rest, from as little as £10 per month †.

We break everything down for you, and we can take it step by step, or hit the floor running with your ideas. Lean on us, and we will exclude all the techy speak, and make it easier for you. We will go as fast or as slow as you want. Technophobes are always welcome!

† Prices quoted will be an all-inclusive price. Let us know specifically what you want.



What does your website need? Luckily, we know many answers to that question, and we're happy to discuss a few, a lot or all of your options over with you. You don't even need to have them all straight away. As you get comfortable with what is happening, you can then start adding services on, for very small increments to your monthly subscription. Here are a few of the things we offer:


We can look at your current situation with a website, whether you have one, many or none. Let's start together here.


The theme and content can be tailored around your industry, and personalised to your needs and aspirations.


Create your brand with a logo design, themes and we'll even get all of your business cards printed for you.


Your website will be made up of many files, and they will need to be stored somewhere. We can arrange this for you.


Weird name; simple idea. Find a web address name(s) just right for you, and we will get these all registered for you.


Once you have your "Domain Name", we can set up your email addresses, so you look professional and established.


If you need a telephone number(s), we can set this up for you, even buy you a phone and set that up ready for you too.


This always seems very daunting and time consuming, but we break it down into digestible chunks.


Whether you intend to grow, or you're happy with how you are now, simply add updates to your package when we quote.





From as little as £10 a month, we offer something for everyone who has a small business, but no idea how to set up their online presence. We have a selection of services which we offer, from the basic to the more involved. So, you can pick one of them, two of them, three of them, all of them... the choice is yours. We then tailor your package around your needs. There's no point paying for things you don't need, so every customer is treated uniquely.

We regularly see small business websites and their online presence is anything from mediocre to non-existent. Your customers looking for your services and products can completely discredit you based solely on your online presence. This is ever changing, so we offer a monthly subscription purchase plan, which will cover ongoing updates, tweaks, promotions and so on, based on what you order. We always make sure you are up to date.

We know that many businesses just want something simple. What you do, where you are, how to contact you. Keeping everything concise, straightforward and easy will ensure the input needed from you will be minimal, as we are happy to take care of everything for you. Our website is all on one page, as we don't want you to get lost in our site. Everything is on the one page, so we provide a transparency in what we provide.

If you are interested in merging a particular social media platform into your website, to keep your website looking fresh, with all your latest updates, we happily provide this for you. You will see on this website, we have some integration with some of our preferred platforms. If you're a Hair Salon, you may like Instagram to showcase your cuts and colours of the week. Keep the conversation going with your audience, and get noticed now!

Let's get straight to the point. We want to remove any burden your online presence has to the everyday running of your business. You can be involved in it as little or as much as you would like. We are not a huge company, have no shareholders to please, and no big budgets to pay for with your money. We just provide what you need, when you need, at a price your business can afford. Talk to us about what you want, and we'll go from there.


We're on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Tumblr. Feel free to follow us for some inspirational images, to get your mind thinking about what you would like on your website.



If you are a small business, and looking for low cost, professional websites with a personal service, feel free to contact us.